August 18, 2015

About Us

The Gluten Free Expo began in a small community center gymnasium in Vancouver, BC with just two simple goals:

    1. To collect gluten free food donations so gluten intolerant families needing assistance will never have to choose between eating, or feeling ill. Sadly, due to the higher costs of Gluten Free food, this is a category that is not often donated and is needed by Food Banks across Canada.
    2. To help those living with a gluten intolerance discover new dietary solutions, connect with others in the Gluten Free community, and to provide education on living gluten free the healthy and accessible way.

Following the first Gluten Free Expo, exhibitors and attendees alike asked us to come back again, so we did, and continue to do yearly.

By the way, donations of Gluten Free Food are being accepted onsite for the Quest Food Exchange. To date, your kind donations raised over 14,500 lbs of food, and enough cash donations to buy another $27,000 worth of Gluten Free food for local Food Banks. Donations collected at this show will go to your local food bank.

Hope to see you soon!  :o)

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