January 25, 2019

Become an Exhibitor or Sponsor

Interested in becoming an exhibitor and/or sponsor?

Below are some information. When you are ready to register, please click on the registration link to complete the form. We will be in touch shortly.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via email at info@glutenfreeexpo.ca or via phone at 778-896-5551

  • As an exhibitor, you are allow to sample and sell your product at the expo
  • All Products MUST BE GLUTEN FREE. They DO NOT have to be Certified Gluten Free. However, we will need proof that your products test under 20PPM or your GF Certification.
  • WiFi is available at additional cost
  • Electricity at your booth location would be additional cost
  • Cooler and Freezer Storage is available at additional cost
  • Every exhibitor must provide us Certificate of Liability Insurance

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