A Case of Crumbly Cookies

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas

The world of cookies is extremely diverse. There are soft ones, hard ones, smooth ones, rough ones. There are ones made for twisting and dipping into milk, there are ones best served with hot tea or coffee. There are large ones the size of your face, and there are ones perfect for bite-sized portions.  There are also sweet cookies, and there are also salty and savoury cookies. One thing is certain in all of this: the combinations and permutations of ingredients and flavours of cookies is never ending. Udi’s Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie is a gem among the masses of options. And obviously, they’re gluten free to boot!

These cookies are each the size of the average palm.  They’re a little rough, and quite crumbly. These are ones you’d probably want to have with tea or coffee instead of dipping into milk. The powdery nature of the cookies simply means you’d have to be careful about where and how you eat the cookie. 

In your mouth, these cookies disintegrate and fall apart quickly.  As it breaks into pieces, there will be distinctive larger pieces from the pecan, medium sized chunks from the chocolate chips, and smaller, more mushy parts from the cookie itself.

Once you get it into your mouth, you’re in for a treat. Thanks to the delicate nature of the cookie, as it falls apart, all the flavours come out and come together quickly. These cookies are a great mix of sweet, savoury, and nutty.  The sweet maple flavouring sustains itself across every bite and chew of the cookie; this provides a proper base flavour to complement the other pieces. At the same, the chunks and pieces of pecan and chocolate chips take turns in grabbing the attention of your taste buds, leaving you with popcorn effect of savouriness and the nuttyness.  

If you can get over how quickly the cookie crumbles in this variation, then you’re good to go.  The unique flavour combinations will make you want more. I probably wouldn’t have these cookies every day mainly because I wouldn’t want to overindulge in the delicate flavours– they might lose their uniqueness.  These are the type of cookies you want to keep in your pantry for special moments or when you want to give you or a special someone a treat!

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