Blueberry Bar: a Berry Sweet Snack!

Author and Photo Credit: Maycko Macapugas


To me, these Oven Baked Blueberry Bars just scream childhood.  I can remember finding one of these in my lunch bag back in elementary school.  Granted, the version I had were flattened and smooshed thanks to my lack of care, but they had looked like bars at some point.

Glutino makes these gluten free oven baked bars. While I only had the pleasure to try out the Blueberry flavour, there are also Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry choices, too!

Taking a bite into these, you know already you’re in for a sweet treat.  The outer bread shell looks like it could be tough and crispy to get through, but it is surprisingly soft and give way to the jelly filling.  The mixture of the two textures was nice. The berry filling helped to bring moisture to the shell, while the shell provided more substance to the filling.  They worked well together.

For flavour, you’re tasting sweetness overall.  While it is very sweet, the serving size of each bar was helpful in tempering that sugar intake.  The sugariness overall came a lot from the filling. It was a vibrant berry taste, much like a jelly.

This box of snacks comes with five individually wrapped bars. This is perfect for those that are more of the “grab-and-go” type! Fair warning, these ones are also fragile: they are not squish- or smoosh-proof.  

If I were to bring these as a snack, I would also pack some fresh-cut vegetables to help wash down the sweetness! Fruits and veggies: the fool-proof pairing.

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