Campfire Nostalgia

Author and Photos : Maycko Macapugas

Picture this: Camping. Friends, Fire, and the smell the wilderness.

Someone pulls out all you need for s’mores and before you know it your hands are covered in chocolate, crumbs and marshmallows.  The thing I appreciate about the Schar Chocolate Honeygrams is you can probably avoid (most of) the mess thanks to the way they’ve packaged these snacks.

The product being gluten free I was prepared for a pile of crumbs after munching on these. There was a pile, yes, but nothing more than I would expect when snacking on graham cookies.  The mess could also be attributed to the fact that I devoured these cookies at record speed.



The initial breaking of the cracker was crisp, but as chewing continues, the complementary nature of the chocolate helped to smoothen the texture out.  It was an interesting combination of the oat-like nature of grahams, and the smoothness of chocolate. While I did find my mouth got a little dry, it was probably because I either had no hot chocolate with me, or I was missing an essential element: the marshmallows.

Even with the marshmallow missing, I was still very interested in the flavouring! There was nothing too particular about the cracker itself, but the dark chocolate coating was a nice addition.  Aside from the added smoothness, it added sweetness but nothing overwhelming. The more earthy flavours of the cookie was complemented completely by the chocolate.


If I’m ever feeling nostalgic about a summer campfire, I’ll grab some marshmallows and a box of these cookies! The separately sized serving packages is a nice attention to detail in limiting (or not limiting) how much is eaten per sitting. With that in mind, these would be great for when you are on the go, at work, on a hike, or at home with some herbal tea.

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