Easy as One, Two, Three

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas


Rice crackers: what a dread! Does anyone actually like them? Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found them to be dryer than they should be. And on top of that, the flavours aren’t always the most authentic.

Laiki strips away all the extravagance and brings it down to three simple ingredients: rice, oil, and salt.  Simple as that – and that combination is great. That saying of “less is more” most definitely applies here.  Honestly, there was reluctance when wanting to try these out: not another rice cracker, I thought. Man, was I surprised with this one.

To start, the small bite-sized square pieces are great for re-packing for travel. Heck, why not just bring the entire re-sealable bag itself? Perhaps bring a napkin or two, as well — they’re crackers afterall; we can expect them to be a little flaky (in the good way). 

The the rice comes to you in a really light, puffed and crunchy form that dissolves nicely in your mouth.  The cool thing about these crackers is that the oil actually keeps your mouth from drying out, as opposed to the more widely available products and alternatives.  

The flavour, can be summarized in one word: neutral.  The rice does its job in being an earthy-flavoured vessel to carry flavour. The salt helps to make that flavour pop!

Together, these three ingredients put together a really simple and satisfying snack.  If you are looking for something with more complex flavours, then you’ll have to provide your down dip or spread. Personally, I think these are great on their own. Would I want to see other variations in flavours? Likely not: that would take away from all of what Laiki does.  It must be appreciated that their ingredients can be said out loud within three seconds.

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