Gluten Free, Guilt Free, Chocolate Pretzel Spree

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas

Pretzels are can be nice, but they can also be boring.  My impression of pretzels is that they’re dry and cause me to drink more water than I want to thanks to the salt content.  However, Glutino’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels add a bit more excitement and flavour.

If you’ve been looking for a good snack, I think these would fit into any scenario.

The pretzels come in a single back, so they’re easy to re-pack into the proper portion you want to carry around with you. They’re very clean to eat and have little to no crumbs at all! The smoothness of the chocolate is great for balancing against the rougher and salt-crusted pretzel encased in the chocolate.  If you’ve had these pretzels plain before, then you’re in for no surprises there. Their glossy exterior meets well with the smoothness of the chocolate. Then as it begins to break down you are met with chunks of salt that adds texture back into the mix.

From a flavour standpoint, your first impression will be wondering what kind of chocolate you’re having. Is this milk chocolate? Dark chocolate? But before you can delve deeper into that question, the pretzel will break apart and the more bread-like, cracker-like flavours of the pretzel will distract your tastebuds.  Finally, as you continue to chew, the salt comes in to add a freshness and brightness into the simple flavours already present.

Curiously, I still haven’t figured out what kind of chocolate has coated the pretzels.  While the chocolate mildly supports the potential dryness that comes with the pretzels, it doesn’t solve the solution. However, I am mindful that such is the nature of this snack.  If you bring these to the office, you won’t have to worry about having to eat them discreetly: the low-crunch and low-mess factors means you can bring them just about anywhere.

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