Gluten-Free Travel Tips


Traveling is always an exciting experience, and a wonderful way to learn, laugh and grow as a person. The last thing you want to do on the trip of your dreams is to worry about getting glutened, having travel insurance is important as well which you can learn more about at In addition to stocking up on foods that are easy to travel with such as nuts, seeds, and gluten-free packaged items, below are our favourite 10 travel tips to keep your trip focused on fun rather than your diet:

    • A number of hotels will provide you with an empty fridge in your room as well as a list of local food stores if you contact them in advance of your reservation. Communicate with the hotel to let them know your needs in advance, so you’re arriving to a location ready to call home.
    • Check the internet to locate restaurants you’re interested in prior to leaving for your trip. Often restaurants will offer their menus and contact information online, so you can contact them from the comfort of your home to nd out about their gluten-free options, food handling, and environment. It’s worth a call, and hey, it’s nice to start the holiday dreaming a little early.
    • Research and download apps that help you and gluten-free restaurants in the city you’ll be visiting. Ideally, buy it ahead of time so you can test it out and feel comfortable using it.
    • If there’s a microwave in your hotel, locate stores that may carry gluten- free foods and pack a small cooler (or the fridge you pre-arranged) full of easy breakfast and lunch options like cereal, instant gluten-free oatmeal, fruit, a loaf of gluten-free bread, and a small jar of nut butter or jam.
    • If you’re planning on prepping any food while on vacation, be sure to pack a few light bowls, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and disposable utensils with you to make life easier, and meals storable and mobile.
    • If you’re visiting family, bring your favourite gluten-free staple ingredients with you to take the guesswork out of meal preparation for your host, and safer for you and your family. Items like gluten-free pasta, bread, bagels, and other items are fairly light, easy to pack and add nicely to any meal.
    • Out of sight does not mean out of mind. Don’t be shy to ask at restaurants and stores if they offer any gluten-free items (in their local language). They may have some in the kitchen and simply not have it described in detail on the menu. For example, in Italy, you will and gluten-free items stored behind the counter at many of the pharmacies. You just need to ask for them.
    • If traveling to a country where their primary language is not English, get dining cards that outline gluten-free needs in the language of the country you’re visiting. You can print free cards before you leave, or download the app (if you have an iPhone) at
    • A number of planes do not offer gluten-free options on the flight itself; however, if you arrive early enough to shop, look around the airport stores for fresh fruit, salads, and other gluten-free standbys that you can pop into your carry on and enjoy during the night should you get hungry. There are actually some cheap private jet flights you can book if you are feeling fancy. Then you can arrange to have your own gluten-free meal served to you rather than having to rely on whatever is available at the airport.

Happy (and safe) travels!

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