Powerful Two-Bite Snacks

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas

Snacking is hard to avoid. When we think snacks, we likely think sweets, sugar, or the “junk food”. Although, you probably shouldn’t avoid it, the difficult part about snacking comes when trying to find something that isn’t too sweet, or something that has more nutritional impact. PatsyPie can offer you a nice solution.


The texture overall presents itself as break-apart goodness. Each bite falls apart in your mouth smoothly, making it really easy to chew. Aside from the nutritional value added by the seeds, they also help provide contrast to all the softness. The seeds add a more bumpy texture to help break up all the pieces that blend together

Raisin (top two)

This raisin variety from PatsyPie is great for anyone who is looking for something that is moderately sweet. While the overall snack is loaded with honey and makes the whole thing sweet, the raisins add more acidic and tangy sweetness to help freshen and lighten up the palate. On the texture front the raisins help to build a more sustained chewiness to each bite; I found myself chewing a little longer on these than I did with the chocolate ones

Chocolate (bottom two)

The chocolate version is more reminiscent of a chocolate chip cookie.  Of course, the textures are more noticeably different. However, the oats in this PatsyPie snack add that floury flavour we are familiar with in traditional chocolate chip cookies. And of course the key ingredient, the chocolate chips, round up and complete that signature taste. Texture-wise: while I didn’t have to chew as much as I did with the raisins, I did find myself wanting more and more. If you have a sweet tooth and need to satiate those cravings, then the chocolate variation is where you lips need to land.

Where do I see myself having these snacks? Well, just about anywhere. The two-piece packaging helps with portion control while keeping size to a minimum so I can keep it in my backpack or laptop case. Perfect to have by themselves or with a hot piping tea.

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