Roasted Pulses: A Delicate Snack

Written and photos by: Maycko Macapugas

Roasted. Legumes. Snacks. I mean, I’ve heard of vegetable snacks, but when I heard and read about these I was definitely intrigued. Three Farmers’ Roasted Chickpeas and roasted Pea Pops contain the nutritional value you can expect in legumes. Yet, their additional flavouring may trick your tastebuds into thinking they’re bad for you! Of course– all in moderation.


Pea Pops! Dill Pickle Pow

The Three Farmers were not kidding when they said these peas pack a punch! The flavour is distinctly dill and the tangy taste will have you reaching into the bag over and over again.  These snacks have a crunch that last a short while; the crunch then turns into a chew leaving your tastebuds searching for that initial strike of flavour


I found myself having to pop a bigger handful of peas into my mouth for the appropriate portions. However, more peas meant more pops of flavour which sometimes was a little overwhelming.  Finding the right balance between portion and flavour was a fun challenge for the Pea Pops!


Roasted Chickpeas Barbecue

While the flavour of this chickpea variation is not as hard-hitting, they still have a recognizable smokey barbecue flavour. The more subtle flavour may be the right choice for your snacking needs if you are looking for something that will keep your tastebuds interested, but not overwhelmed. The softer chewy textures of the chickpeas come sooner than that of the Pea Pops, leaving you chewing longer.


Pulses are a great way to consume nutritional value while still satisfying hunger between later meals. The chickpeas were able to do exactly that.  Not only did they keep my stomach from feeling empty, but they also helped to relieve some of the flavour cravings I get from snacking– which I’m sure you are familiar with.


These dry roasted snacks share a distinct airy crunch that disintegrates quickly. If you are looking for something that lasts a longer in your mouth, go with the chickpeas. On the other hand, if you favour quick nibbles and more flavour, the Pea Pops would be  for you! Overall, the resealable bag and convenient travel size is great for a ride on public transit, at your office desk, or when you’re watching a show.

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