Soft, Nutritional, and Sweet

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas

Bread. Most can do an okay job of baking a loaf. Others not so much. And the rest? Well the rest do a superb job. The pressure to bake a good loaf of bread is even more intense when you’re baking for those with gluten sensitivity. Schär delivers expertise for gluten free baked breads.

The standout feature of this 10 grains and seeds bread is the flavour.  The freshly baked bread is thick and dense, which is signature to most gluten-free loaves. However, it is not overwhelming to the extent that it is difficult to chew through. The air pockets in each of the slices helps to deliver contrast in texture, but the true players in consistency are the whole seeds baked into the bread. The consistency in this bread is perfect for locking in moisture into snacks like grilled cheese sandwiches. The density of this bread all buttered-up parallels that of melted cheese. Almost hard to tell sometimes which is cheese and which is bread.

The saving grace to create distinction between cheese and bread in that grilled cheese sandwich was the bold flavouring that comes with Schär’s loaf.  Many breads will boast about the sweetness of their loaves, but Schär lets each slice speak for itself. Looking at the bread itself, I expected a more earthy and oak-like flavouring. I was much surprised when each successive bite got louder with sweetness.  Overall, the flavour impression I get is that this bread is deceivingly light, sweet, and fresh.

It is also clear that Schär understands the delicate nature of the food it creates.  The packaging is nicely double-wrapped. The first outer plastic case is your usual bread loaf package, but inside you’ll be happy to find that this bread is in more plastic packaging that is vacuum-sealed.  Schär’s intention is to keep its food as fresh as possible right up your doorstep. I would be curious, however, to see alternative vacuum-sealing that is more environmentally friendly.

Overall, this bread is non-threatening, but certainly has a lot of hidden surprises.  The bread is visibly dense, but breaks up easily and is not hard to get through. The dark tones and colours will deceive your tastebuds and will pack something more sweet than you can expect.  Kudos to a bread that exceeds expectations.

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