Take Chocolate Cover From the Flaky Wafers!

Author and Photo Credit: Maycko Macapugas


I’ve always thought of waves as something to have with tea, or something more posh– something out of my accessibility. Definitely not the case, now that I’ve grown up and can provide for myself. These Milk Chocolate Wafers from Glutino are for everyone! One thing that I’ve always appreciated about Glutino is how the company can take snacks already available to the general public and make them accessible to those with gluten sensitivities.  

The chocolate coating of the wafers is something I completely admire. Although my hands always run at a warmer temperature, I’d rather have the chocolate melt all over my fingers than have the wafer flakes crumble all over me, my desk, and if I’m lucky, my computer work station.  The milk chocolate serves the purpose of flavour, but also the function of saving you from the mess of more conventional and more flaky wafers. An added bonus of the chocolate shell is that it helps to break up the dryness of the wafer biscuit– which I’ve found to be a problem in the past.

When it comes to flavour, my expectations were broken– and in the best way possible.  I expected a cream filling that was essentially sugar and it wasn’t. It was a pleasant smooth cream that a neutral sweetness that helped add personality to the wafer itself.  The majority of the flavour comes from the milk chocolate itself. Together, the cream and chocolate help to bring sweetness, but don’t worry, you won’t be getting toothaches anytime soon!

Overall, these are definitely something to have in your pantry– and with tea, if you’re so inclined.  I do hope some travel-sized packaging comes soon as these would be great two-bite snacks for anyone on the go. Fair warning: be careful with these as their convenient size and inviting flavour can trick you into eating the entire package!

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