When life gives you lemons, make lemonade


It was 1990 when Tracy, now an award-winning pastry chef, began building her foundation and skills to support her love for baking. Following her training in the Baking and Pastry Arts program in Vancouver, she continued pursuing her passion in Paris at the prestigious Ecole Lenotre, and then further honed her skills at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley (she really knows how to pick her spots!).

Her path was clear … or so she thought. After 20 years of training and working as a pastry chef, Tracy suddenly found herself suffering from a severe wheat allergy that forced her to leave her career.

Needing to leave a career she had loved was hard; however, being a pastry chef who could no longer eat pastry was utterly heartbreaking. Thankfully for all of us who have experienced Lemonade Bakeries creations, being unexpectedly unemployed (and hungry, let’s be honest) gave Tracy the inspiration needed to create her gluten-free magic. She began calling up her far-reaching, previous network of suppliers such as Nella Toronto who provide commercial-scale cooking equipment, and local fresh produce providers, and getting them back on board for her latest exciting project.

Starting with the goal of re-creating her favourite bread, Tracy began to create, mix, test and play, and eventually found herself perfecting what is now known as the Honey Seed loaf at her bakery. A close friend’s comment regarding turning lemons into lemonade added a special spark, and Lemonade Bakery was born.
Through the kind and loving support of family, Tracy was able to pull together the resources needed and has now built a team of highly accredited pastry chefs ready for the greatest of gluten-free challenges. Famous for their gluten-free croissants; every croissant is hand rolled and made from scratch, which helps ensure the right feel and consistency of the dough for the perfect croissant-a technique that took nearly two years to perfect due to the absence of gluten. That’s right; gluten-free croissants! They sell out quickly but are worth getting up early for, or ordering in advance. She even receives requests to have these magical creations shipped to customers across Canada.

To learn more about Tracy and her creations, please visit www.LemonadeBakery.ca

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