August 30, 2016

Meet the Speakers

Meet our esteemed speakers, who will be joining our stage in Vancouver! Please note that speakers and presentations are subject to change, so check back frequently!

The Gluten Free Expo would not be possible without the kind support of our sponsors. A special thank you goes to these kind community supporters:

Desiree Nielsen

Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian, author and host of the vegetarian cooking show, The Urban Vegetarian on Gusto TV. Desiree takes an evidence-based, integrative approach to her dietetics work, with a focus on anti-inflammatory, plant-centred nutrition and digestive health.

Desiree is passionate about making evidence-based nutrition accessible to others; her new app, MyHealthyGut, helps introduce people to better digestive wellbeing and her book, Un-Junk Your Diet, is a primer to help anyone cut the nutrition clutter and reconnect to real food.

Desiree is a trusted expert for all things nutrition and digestion; she is a regular contributor to Breakfast Television and Global News in BC in addition to being featured in national media such as Chatelaine and Best Health Magazine, The Social and E-Talk.


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Anne-Marie Stelluti

Anne-Marie Stelluti is a registered dietitian with a passion for digestive health nutrition, and a focus on the low FODMAP diet. She has seen what a difference food can make in solving gut symptoms and what an impact it has on improving someone’s life. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional sciences and is a member of the College of Dietitians of BC. She has volunteered and been a speaker for the GI Society in Vancouver and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada. As an advocate for real food and evidence-based therapy, she is happy to be starting her private practice for IBS in 2018.




Jessica Roocroft, BSc, RD

Jessica is a graduate of University of British Columbia, B.Sc. Food, Nutrition and Health and a Member of College of Dietitians of British Columbia and Dietitians of Canada.She has worked in various roles as a Registered Dietitian. Most recently, she joined the team at Dani Health and Nutrition Services where she works one on one with clients to make real change.  

She is an expert in the areas of Weight Loss, IBS/FODMAP, Diabetes, and numerous other health conditions.  Jessica believes food should be celebrated and enjoyed.  She will teach you about healthy eating using practical resources and real-life advice.  Clients love her meal plans and recipes because they are easy to follow, the food tastes really good, and they help you lose weight and eat healthy.

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Selena De Vries 

Selena Devries is a dietitian living with celiac disease who helps her clients achieve food freedom. She is from Kelowna, BC and maintains a private practice specializing in celiac disease and digestive health conditions. Her approach to managing celiac disease is integrative and promotes a balanced lifestyle with a strong focus on therapeutic nutrition interventions and emotional well-being.  She believes that eating a healthy, gluten free diet should be simple, delicious and enjoyable.  Selena is very passionate about addressing the emotional side of celiac disease.  And, to truly help her clients thrive on the gluten free diet, she helps them develop strong support systems by offering a free support group in the Okanagan area.

Selena has presented at the Western Conference for the Canadian Celiac Association and has contributed to many social media outlets including Global TV, Alive Magazine, Fitness, Huffington Post and many others.

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Shallah Panjwani

Shallah received a Bachelor of Science with a major in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia and has completed a dietetic internship. In addition, she has her certification in the prevention and recovery of Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating.
Shallah is a registered dietitian and a member of the College of Dietitians of BC as well as Dietitians of Canada. She has over 25 years of experience working in Nutrition and Dietetics and has received training in Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She has been voted top 15 dietitians in Vancouver by Crowd Wellness.

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Robyn Fausett, RGN

Robyn Fausett is a registered general nurse (trained at UCLH London Teaching Hospital) having worked initially in womens health care (Elizabeth Garratt Anderson Hospital for Women London) and then the Assisted Conception Unit UCH London as a fertility nurse involved in all aspects of Assisted Conception including managing the Oocyte Donation Programme. Upon arriving in New Zealand in 1999 she worked at Fertility Associates clinic in charge of the Oocyte Donation Programme and the Surrogacy Programme, based in Auckland managing three clinics across the country.

Since this time she has formed her own company (Nest Consulting which is now one of the biggest providers of sexuality education in schools in Auckland (and branched into Wellington and Christchurch last year). They provide education sessions to the community on pre-conceptual care, Menopause, how to manage puberty for Parents and other related topics along with professional development courses to aid Teachers.

In regards to my registration and accreditation with Natural Fertility New Zealand (NFNZ), she works as an Educator advising women and couples on the scientific Sympto Thermal Method (STM) of Natural Family Planning and as a Trainer and Assessor of new Educators. 

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Dr. David Wang, ND

Dr. David Wang is the founder and formulator of Pranin Organic products, and a Naturopathic Doctor with over 25 years’ clinical experience here in Vancouver, Canada. Dr Wang is also the founder of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, and a past President of the BC Naturopathic Association.

Dr Wang has been a featured speaker at trade shows and events across Canada, including the CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) Conference, and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s Holistic Nutrition Conference.


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Cooking Stage

Mandy King

Mandy King is a Holistic Nutritionist, and the founder of HEAL (Healthy Eating And Living). A diagnosed Celiac herself and self proclaimed gluten free guru, she works with health conscious people who want to increase their energy, fix their digestion and lose weight, through Meal Planning, 1:1 Coaching & Online Group Programs. She is a regular on CTV Morning Live, contributes to The Globe & Mail, CBC and The Huffington Post, and leads corporate wellness programs for major companies including Google, Facebook, Unilever & PwC.


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Jen Laurie

Jen Laurie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and successful Social Entrepreneur with Epicure. She’s a mom of 4 young children, 2 of whom have required a gluten free diet for several years now. She’s an advocate for clean eating and passionately shares how to implement simple changes to make a big difference in people’s health.


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Dawn Levelton

Dawn Levelton is a nutritionist, nature lover, whole foodie and plant powered cook.  She is the founder of Back to Roots NutrItion in Steveston, B.C. offering private classes & group cooking workshops to activity lovers wanting to learn how to create plant powered meals and snacks to feed their body and energy naturally. 

Dawn’s experience and passion for working with food began at the young age of 8 when she took her first cooking class. After that, she was hooked! Being a vegetarian had it’s challenges in a household of steadfast meat eaters so she became the family cook creating nutritious meals to fuel their busy, active lifestyles. Dawn’s curiosity for nutrition further developed in her 20’s as she experienced changes in her health from a parasitic infection that compromised her digestive system. Determined to eat her way back to health she turned “back to her roots” and started eating the organic seasonal whole foods she grew up with on her family farm, and also went gluten and dairy free. Within a few months, Dawn’s digestive system recovered and the allergies she suffered as a teen found much relief. It was then she decided to turn her passion for food and nutrition into a career and now teaches others how to cook plant powered meals to fuel their outdoor lifestyle and health naturally.

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Jen Peters

Chef Jen created her baking blend and wrote the Nextjen recipe book after two years of determination to bake gluten-free deliciously. She previously worked as an Executive Chef for award-winning restaurants in London and Vancouver.



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Hamid Salimian

Known for his soulful modern cuisine, Chef Hamid is the Captain of Culinary Team Canada and a creative consultant for restaurants in Vancouver. He is also the one behind the camera as food photographer for Nextjen



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Ken Schneider

Ken is a veteran entrepreneur, lover of story, sales and marketing pro, incurable connector, good-conversation junkie, food and farm enthusiast, amateur scientist, wordsmith and three-beer philosopher. He believes business is best done with people you enjoy, a sense of fun, trust, respect, honour and enthusiasm. Ken believes we humans are a compilation of all the good and bad gifts we give each other so he strives daily to give only good gifts…and freely admits when he falls short of the mark.

Ken was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., has two sons, a dog, five guitars, hundreds of vinyl records, thousands of books and one woman he can’t live without.

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