Big Bites in Small Sizes

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas


One Degree Organic foods puts a lot of work into their food. And I don’t mean just processing the raw food but, I really mean understanding where each ingredient comes from.  Looking at their website alone, you can see the commitment when they show faces of farmers who produce the listed ingredients. One degree organic foods comes with a story. When it comes to their Sprouted Oat Quinoa Cacao Granola the story isn’t different there either.  The name of the product also tells you the key ingredients you’ll find.   […]

Powerful Two-Bite Snacks

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas

Snacking is hard to avoid. When we think snacks, we likely think sweets, sugar, or the “junk food”. Although, you probably shouldn’t avoid it, the difficult part about snacking comes when trying to find something that isn’t too sweet, or something that has more nutritional impact. PatsyPie can offer you a nice solution.



Oat Cookie Goodness

Author : Maycko Macapugas
Photos: Logan Kardash


Oats: My mouth gets dry just thinking about them. Even oatmeal can sometimes give me an uneasy feeling.  This was my first instinct when finding out about Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Cookies. While my initial inclination was only marginally right, the neutral tones of the oats did well to convey all the biscuit flavours.


Chocolate has an alluring nature that most of us can’t seem to resist. What’s really great about Nairn’s chocolate oat cookies is how subtle the flavour is. If it weren’t for the neutral taste of the cookies’ oat base, the chocolate would be everything but present.  It looks like it would be chocolate-flavoured, and the first crisp bite of the cookie is undeniably true to that. The remaining bites (cookies come in packets of four), leave you waiting for more chocolate explosion. If you want to tease your tastebuds, I’d suggest having these with a cup of coffee, or even having these the next time you make some s’mores!


The Oat Conundrum: Are Oats Gluten-Free?

The topic of Oats and the gluten-free diet can be confusing. Here’s what you need to know; so here’s the big question: Are oats truly gluten-free? The Canadian Celiac Associations Professional Advisory Councils’ Position Statement on Consumption of Oats by Individuals with Celiac Disease is as follows: “The safety of oats in individuals with celiac[…]

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