Chocolate. Nut-Free. Gluten-Free. Oh my!

Author : Maycko Macapugas
Photos: Logan Kardash

Most, if not all of us, hear SunRype and we might think: grade school, lunchtime, juice boxes. Learning that SunRype had created these interesting bite-sized chocolate goodness snacks made me curious. I was surprised to find that SunRype had since moved from juice boxes and fruit snacks and onto something we can totally vibe in our adulthood. The good thing is that these aren’t just for adults! Whether or not you carry sentiments or nostalgia around the company, our focus here is the product.

First off, if you end up picking these up during your next grocery run don’t be fooled that the bags look like they could be filled more– a single bag definitely contains more than enough Good Bites to go around a group of friends. The bites themselves are densely chocolate filling you up, but not bloating you out.  The seeds added to the texture in a good complementary way; without them the bites would be all chew and no crunch to break up the consistency. The seeds are a nice touch.  Both variations were fairly similar in texture. Below the flavours are discussed: the differences are marginal, but still noticeable.

Sun-Rype Good Bites: Chocolate Macaroon

Chocolate Macaroons

I would say, as an observation,  these (the yellow bag) were much closer to a milky chocolate than a white or dark chocolate. It went well with the texture: the creamy illusion of the flavour worked well with the sometimes fudge-like consistency of the Good Bites.

You definitely don’t need to (nor should you) eat the whole bag to yourself in one sitting. You’ll get your fix after a few “good bites.” The abundant number of seeds will do the trick in holding your snack cravings at bay. 





Sun-Rype Good Bites: Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip

This variation was much more obviously chocolate– like the Macaroons version, but so much more obvious.  If you are a chocoholic, this one’s for you. It has rich chocolatey goodness, which for me personally, was a bit overpowering at times… Or maybe I was just eating too many at once. I digress.

I might be curious to see how the flavour and texture changes if there were actual chocolate chips in these bites.  Though, the balance might be thrown off resulting in too much crunch and no softness to offset.




The next time I’m looking for a small chocolate fix that I can keep coming back to through the week, these will be on my mind.  With the consistency of the food in mind, I would likely opt in for a hot tea to go alongside and balance out the rest of the flavour.

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