Low-Calorie Count That You Can Count On

Author and Photo Credit : Maycko Macapugas

Pasta. We all (well, most of us), love it. But there is always the concern about the carb content in our pasta.  We can find ourselves restricting or limiting our pasta intake. From macaroni, to gnocchi, to penne, and even spaghetti– they’re all the same. We tend to watch how much of these favourite pastas we eat. NuPasta, however, has a solution to this worry — at least for spaghetti.

The taste of these noodles is largely neutral. The unpackaging of these noodles releases an unfamiliar odor, but don’t be alarmed. The smell dissipates quickly upon washing the pasta as per instructions for preparation.  After preparing any spaghetti dish with these NuPasta noodles, you’ll notice the “pasta” itself has no taste, but this a more distinctive crispy-like crunch texture when biting and chewing. It is almost like biting into a root, which is no coincidence.

NuPasta makes konjac noodles which are essentially the roots of the konjac plant  The plant itself are grown in parts of Japan, Korea, and China. Sometimes there is the confusion that these plants come from the yam root, which is untrue.  What is true is that these konjac root noodles boast many health benefits. These benefits primarily come from glucomannan, which is a dietary fibre. From glucomannan you can expect better success in managing things like: weight, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.  

In a meal, there is negligible difference in taste, so prepare your favourite spaghetti dish as you like.  However, as mentioned before, there is a bit more of a crunch to your new pasta; it can be a relief for those who tend to overcook their spaghetti to mush.  It is also an added benefit for anyone who is looking for more texture to work with in their food.

It is also great that, your cooking time for these noodles are markedly lowered. It’s as easy as unpack, rinse, and heat by either adding into a sauce you’ve already made or in a separate saucepan of boiling water.  These are great for when you are craving noodles, but not the calories.