Cheese, Pasta, Turkey; Did Someone Say Lasagna?


Author and Photo : Maycko Macapugas

Turkey, Thanksgiving. If you hadn’t had enough of your Turkey fill, then stock up on McLean’s Turkey Lasagnas. Put simply, this is one exemplification of ‘great things come in small packages.’

This meal comes packaged as a single serving which is great for a work lunch (given access to a freezer), or a quiet dinner at home. There is a lot going on in a single meal, and sometimes it can be overwhelming, but the mixture of textures and flavours did a good job to create a finished product.

To start, the cheese does this thing where it completely envelopes your mouth in a warm coating. The taste of the cheese was stronger than I had expected, but that’s not a complaint at all. It was a nice surprise.  Texture-wise, the cheese itself, at times, might have been a little to over-present and I found myself searching for other key pieces of the lasagna.

When other textures made themselves known, it mostly came from the pieces of turkey — which I thought was ground meat.  I kept having to remind myself that the beef-like texture was actually turkey– hence turkey lasagna. Nonetheless the savoury taste of the protein paired well with the cheese and tomatoes to create that classic lasagna taste.

Sometimes I found myself chewing a little more than I had expected.  This came from the pasta. While flavourless, I always found the microwaved pasta to be a little more rubbery than I had hoped for.

Overall, each bite was delicious.  The classic mouthful of lasagna is what you can expect with every scoop.  At times I found myself wondering how so much can go on in a single bite. With the pasta, turkey, cheese, tomatoes and various other minor ingredients, it’s a wonder if anyone eats this feeling only satisfied.  Safe to say that this meal was seasoned quite well. 

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